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We know that LARPing is addictive. You can select from a wide range of 155 Chinese scripts and 7 English scripts.

A hundred ways to die

Number of players: 5 Difficulty Level: 5/10

The Fang Group, one of the ten biggest businesses in the country. Its owner, the Fang Family, is also one of the richest and most powerful. It was rumoured that the young mistress of the Fang Family recently started a relationship. She had only known the guy for less than a year, yet they already want to get married! This young mistress had quite the temper, and so Mr Fang, the chairman of the Fang Group’s board of directors, ended up agreeing to this swift engagement. He even invited a couple of his good friends to the Fang Family mansion for the ceremony.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says it only takes three women to put on a drama show, well then, what about five? This ordeal isn’t as simple as it looks either… The unbegun ceremony… A room with a tightly shut door… And this mysterious boyfriend… What’s the meaning behind all of this?

“How many people will one person love in his entire life?”

“I don’t know?”

“What if my boyfriend is also your boyfriend?”

“Then I’ll make him die in a 100 different ways!”


Number of players: 5 Difficulty Level: 6.5/10

28 July, 2008, a strange murder case happened in Room 401, Shareaton Hotel, Kansas city. A dismembered corpse, a bloodied wall, and a missing head. The pig head fixed on the corpse, what horrid meaning does it convey? A crime of passion, or a planned slaughter? Is this the end of one evil, or just the start of another? As the curtains of night is drawn, all sins and crime. Have nowhere to hide. Reap what you sow, kill or get killed. Just like every chess game, player or piece.

No one escapes the checkerboard.


Number of players: 6 Difficulty Level: 6.5/10

"Have you heard? The Golden Cheese of Sleepless City has been stolen!' "How could I not know about it? The news has been covered in the Forest Daily!" "Who could it be that is bold enough to steal the Golden Cheese?" "But I heard that something is not quite right this time... My friend From the police force told me that when they got there, both the doors and windows were locked. "Are you kidding me!? So this thief could walk through walls? "Breaking News! The forest police have caught six suspects, and they are currently at the police station. " "That's great! We have to catch the suspect and punish him severely!"

"The strange thing is, they seemed to be suffering from memory loss. They have forgotten not only things from yesterday, but also don't remember anything from the days before…”

The Witch house

Number of players: 5/6 Difficulty Level: 6.5/10

Come now, the coven of the witches has begun.

As the flowers bloom from blood and death,

None of you will be spared from the hunt.

Do you hear it? The bells of prayers are calling out to you,

And the ticking clock recites the scripts of your fate.

Until the a victor emerges from amongst you,

No one shall escape the Witch House.

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